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Cedano Beach, Honduras

US Christmas Day - A Day of Rest in Honduras

December 25, 2006

Everybody slept in on this day! Even the roosters did not stir anyone up early because they were too tired to hear them or just did not care. The day started out hot though, mostly because we got the late start. It was 9 - 9:30 when everybody started rising. But from the intense heat we all knew this was going to be a lazy day. It was even hotter than the day before and that was a rough day in the heat department. So we decided to load up all the boys and go to Yusguare to play at the swimming pool. We ended up staying until darkness started to come, and luckily for us a cold front began moving in to cool things off for the night's sleep.

The pool was quite an experience as well. I had been there on the previous trip, but it was later at night so many of the details were missed. And, this being a holiday there were a lot of the town's people there with the same intentions as us - to cool off. But again, the health department in the US would shut the place down, but lucky for everybody here we were not in the US on this day.

To get onto the pool grounds cost 10 Lempira each, but that did not allow us to swim. Once inside we had to pay another 50 Lempira each for a make shift wrist band (a large twist tie) that allowed us to swim in the pool. With 10 of us going in and two more coming later, this was a fairly expensive getaway for the day. All in all it was the equivalent of about US$50 to get twelve people into the water park for the day, so not too bad really. But finally we got our wrist bands on and were ready to start swimming!

Some of us came ready with our swim trunks on, but others had to change out of their shorts into proper swimming attire. But we were in Honduras after all, so proper swim attire is not necessarily the same as it is here in the US. Some of the boys changed into jean cut-offs while others just stripped to their underwear. It was an interesting day at the pool that way watching some of the hot guys in their tight underwear playing in the pool! Honduras certainly has its perks, especially when Ledys stripped down to his tight, camouflaged trunks displaying his hard body and great packages both front and back.

Now that everybody had their wrist bands on and was in the proper swim attire it was time to jump in and cool off. Once in the pool we decided to play a game of tag so to speak. If you were "it" you had to chase after the others and tag them on the head and then swim or run to get away. This was a tiring game at best and knocked the wind out of me and Douglas right away. The boys seemed to have plenty of energy and it didn't slow them down to play this game. After a little while of playing I had to jump out and take a break to catch my breath. But watching the boys play was not a bad alternative given that I had cooled off a lot during my short time in the water.

During the game the boys were also running up the stairs to take a plunge down the two slides they had set up at the pool. One slide was a simple, straight down slide into the pool. The other slide had several twists and turns and was fully enclosed, tunnel like for the majority of its length. In any event neither slide would pass safety inspection in the US, but in Honduras such things are overlooked. Both slides shared the same set of stairs and platform at the top. The stairs were set into concrete at the base, but it was loose and would move when you were climbing up.

Douglas commented that it was like a story you would expect to see on CNN, "18 Kids Plunged to Their Death Today when the Slides at the Water Park Gave Way and Collapsed on Top of Them." This did not happen on this day, but certainly appeared to be a possibility at some point in the future if it were not to be repaired. Ultimately, Douglas came sliding down the tunnel slide and emerged in the pool with a big cut on his little toe. The slide itself wasn't completely attached all the way down having a gap between some of the sections that caught Doug's toe and tore it up a little bit. Jaime also left the pool with a slight injury that day. While he was running away playing the tag game he ended up scraping one of his toes on the concrete, so bad in fact the whole toenail had come off! That must have hurt.

The other aside that would not pass muster in the US was the water itself. The pool did not appear to have a water filtration system so the water was a little bit murky at best. The water was blue though, but most likely because the pool itself was painted blue. Lucky enough though there was some chlorine in the water, probably not as much as we would be accustomed to in the US, but probably enough to kill most of the bacteria. But in the end it was not a major problem for us by any means. After all the number one priority was to cool off and escape the intense heat.

As it turned out I never did re-enter the pool after taking a time out. About that time Anibel and Foncito arrived back at the park after running their errand. Neither got wrist bands, but Foncito got changed and went into the pool with the other boys. Nahum and I were standing along the edge of the park in the shade talking and resting when Anibel came over with some Barena (my new favorite Honduras Beer). So we had a smoke and started drinking the beer as we continued to talk about the day. Anibel disappeared after a short while but returned with another round. Suddenly I was thinking what a good day it was, under the shade at the pool drinking beer. This is the life!!

After about half an hour of standing beside the pool Nahum asked Ledys to see if he could find us some chairs. Next thing you know Ledys is coming back with a whole park bench/table painted up with the Coca-Cola logo. How appropriate. He set it up in the shade and we sat down and continued to drink more beer. Before it was over we definitely had a lot of empty beer bottles on that table. As we sat and drank and pondered the events of the trip thus far the boys would make sporadic appearances at the table, probably to catch their breaths and take a break from the swimming. After a while though the boys ended up with a soccer ball and went to the other side of the park to played soccer for a while. The rest of us continued to sit around and enjoy the day feeling a little more inebriated as time went on.

Anibel saw a friend of his there at the pool and went on over to talk to him. Nahum and Douglas went back to the pool to do some more swimming and I staid put and kept drinking while the boys alternated coming by to see me. Then suddenly one of the park attendants came over wanting Foncito to pay for swimming because he did not have his wrist band. It seemed to be a big deal and was cutting into the fun. The big problem is that I did not speak fluent Spanish and was not sure what was going on and the other guys were off doing their thing. Eventually I got what was going on and tried to slyly pull my wrist band off to give to Foncito. But the park attendant saw me trying to do this and came over and cut it off of me. He was a nice guy at this point and turned around and gave it to Foncito to put on and then left us alone. I suppose his concern was that anybody in the pool must have the wrist band, not necessarily that each person had to pay. In the end we got two swimmers for the price of one on that wrist band.

The boys went back to swimming after this little interruption and Anibel returned to the table. He decided he wanted to take a quick swim himself. One of the other guys gave him a wrist band so there would not be any problem. Now that we knew the system we took advantage of it! But then a little disaster struck. Anibel came limping back to the table obviously in some pain. Apparently he was swimming in the vicinity of the straight slide end point when a guy came barreling down landing right smack dab in the side of his chest. Ouch, that must have hurt! It took him a few minutes to compose himself and then he got dressed again and had another beer. He seemed to be okay, but definitely felt some pain for the rest of the day.

At that point dusk started to fall upon us and everybody was tired. So we loaded up and drove back to the ranch. We got the generator fired up and watched a movie, the Mask with Jim Carey while the girls went to work to prepare dinner. After dinner everyone was ready for bed so we called it early and went off to dreamland.

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