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Cedano Beach, Honduras

The Last Full Day at the Ranch

January 4, 2007

It is the last day on the ranch, at least for this trip. But I will be back soon, hopefully in July for the rodeo. Mauricio invited me down for the rodeo knowing that Nahum would probably not be there for that trip. I think it will be a good time to go and see the rainy season for the first time. But if I cannot make it down for whatever reason in July I will definitely be back for a six month stay come October.

After having coffee Nahum wanted to go and give Peaso a bath, a customary thing to do after breeding. So we went down to the chorale and took Peaso over to the watering hole to clean him up. Being a white horse he was looking pretty dirty with mud all over his legs. So I held him by the make-shift bridle while Nahum bathed him and got him cleaned up. After the bath it would be time to get Morena and put her with Peaso for her turn with the stud.

Of course, as fate would have it, when we put Peaso back in the chorale he decided to lie down in the dirt. Being wet he got really dirty this time when he rolled himself in the dirt. It was a wasted effort I guess but we tried. Getting over our time wasted we went and fetched Morena and took her down to join Peaso. At first she was not so keen on the events and started kicking Peaso when he would get close to her. But ultimately she succumbed to his persistence and let him breed her.

Unlike the night before, I had charged batteries for the camera and ran up to grab it before they were done doing their thing. I got a few good shots of the two horses in action, certainly something to see if you have never seen two horses breed before. Today seemed a little different than last night. Rosio had just been ready and there was little talk before the action. With Morena there was much more ritualistic goings on than before. Both horses seemed to be having some sort of communication discussing what would happen. There was a lot more sniffing each other out as well. But in the end Morena was also bred four times just as Rosio had been the day before.

Afterwards not too much happened on this last day at the ranch. It settled out to be another lazy day, which was in order before the trip back home. Ariel took Peaso back to Mauricio because I could not pay for him until I got back and sent down the funds. Otherwise, everything was as usual with the girls cooking and cleaning while the rest of us rested.

Nahum took a trip with the kids into Yusguare to visit with Meilin's parents. They had a dog which had recently given birth to puppies so when he returned he brought two of them to the ranch. Now we suddenly had four little puppies. The two new ones were solid black and we named them Vaquero and Blackie, not knowing how to tell them apart at this stage. But I am sure they will be discernible when they get a little older.

Later in the evening everybody showed up to spend some last time with me before I had to go. We ended the night watching Predator on my laptop out on the porch, about 15 of us altogether. We had run out of fuel for the generator, so we made due with what we had. Luckily the laptop can go a while on batteries before charging them, at least long enough for a movie. After the movie, which almost finished before the batteries died, everybody gave me a big hug and went off to bed. Tomorrow I would have to face the journey back home.

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