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Cedano Beach, Honduras

A Truly Lazy Day in Honduras

December 28, 2006

Today was truly a lazy day. I took at least four naps throughout the day while lying in the hammocks. Hammocks are wonderful things without a doubt. Why don't we use them more in the US? Many people in Honduras solely have hammocks for furniture serving as both a seat and a place to sleep. This family though has many more of the modern conveniences we are used to such as stuffed couches and chairs, a dining room table and plenty of mattresses/boxed springs beds. But yet the most comfortable spot in the place is on either of the hammocks hanging on the front porch.

The only other thing I did besides nap was to read more of my Galapagos book and do a little bit of blogging. What a wonderful day to get some time to do nothing except rest and being able to fall asleep at every whim. I would like to work a few more days like this into my regular schedule. Maybe I should move down here and stay in Honduras for a while. Hmmmmm.

Anyway, just before dusk came and the heat of the day was starting to cool, Kevito saddled up the horses and we rode them up to the pulperia to get some Coca-Cola. An oft tradition we celebrate on a daily basis, a treat of refreshment to wind down the hot day. It will be nice when we get the electricity installed so we can get refrigerators and freezers to store ice and soda, but then again it is a chance to ride the horses more frequently.

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