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Cedano Beach, Honduras

New Year's Day - More Rest

January 1, 2007

This was another one of those days where the rooster's crows went unnoticed in the wee hours of the morning. After the long night before everybody was exhausted and it was in order to sleep in on this day. When I did start coming to I realized I was in pain. My back was hurting but not like it does when it is thrown out. It hurt from top to bottom, a soreness I do not believe I had felt previous to this day. The pain was most likely due to riding the horses in a fast trot while bouncing high in the saddle the day before. I am sure the dancing did not help either, but regardless of how I got so sore it was going to be a long day.

After lying in bed contemplating starting my day I finally made myself get out of bed. I knew it was going to be a slow day because I could not move around too easily. But I was not the only one in this shape. Nahum also had a very sore back, which favored the horse riding theory since it was him and I that had made the ride the day before. But he had risen long before me and was down at the chorale with some of the boys bathing the horses. Once up I went outside the room and had a cigarette while I waited for my coffee to arrive, which it did in short order. While I was drinking my coffee I noticed that Alfonso was in attendance, finally showing up to say hi.

I decided to go lie in the hammock and rest after finishing my coffee. I was laying there when Alfonso came over and greeted me. Although I could not speak Spanish well enough to have a good conversation we were able to communicate somewhat. While we were chatting I could see the horses down at the chorale and noticed that the black horse was trying to jump Rosio. I pointed it out to Alfonso and communicated that Rosio was in heat and ready to be had. We both laughed at my ability to describe the event and I got up and went down to the chorale for a closer view of what was going on.

While on my way down the black horse jumped on Rosio's back while Nahum panicked and was trying to pull him off of her. He was a small horse and we did not want to get the girls pregnant from one of the little horses because we wanted big and strong horses that could support the heavy Americans. He was successful in pulling him off of her and from that point on we kept distance between him and the females. But it was a good laugh to watch it all go down.

That was pretty much the highlight of the day. We didn't do much more than that opting instead to have another lazy day hanging out in the hammocks letting the hours pass without much activity. But like I have said before lazy days are Honduras' favorite pastime.

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