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Cedano Beach, Honduras

The Honduras Pastime, A Day of Relaxing

December 26, 2006

Today turned out to be a very lazy day with not too much activity. Douglas went in to Choluteca today and got the family a new Sony stereo system for the house. For me, I laid around in the hammocks taking frequent naps and reflecting on my life and where I was at in it. I also took some time to catch up on my Honduras blogs as well as read the book I borrowed from my professor on the Galapagos Islands in preparation for the class/trip I have coming up later next month.

I also took some time today to take some photos of the ranch, it surroundings and some of its inhabitants. I was not satisfied with a lot of the photos I had been taking around the place because the bright sun was washing them out. This had been happening a lot on the other trips I had taken recently and I really never understood why knowing my camera had taken such great pictures under the same circumstances at other points in time. So I started playing with the camera settings and learned a lot about setting up the exposure, using effects, adjusting the flash brightness and many other features I never knew about. After this day my photos started looking better than ever before. Now I am ready to graduate to a new camera, one of those with the big lenses so I can get those far away tight shot soft birds and such. My goal is to get the new camera before I go to the Galapagos so I can get the really great shots of the wildlife there.

While I was taking photos of the place the kids started playing darts with a magnetic dart board and magnetized darts. Foncito on the other hand spent some time playing with my computer. He is a smart kid and even though he never used a computer, he would watch everything I was doing and be able to copy it and do it too. He was quick at picking it up for sure. Had it been in Spanish I do not think he would have any problems picking up the workings of one of these machines. At some point he loaded up one of the DVDs and watched a movie on the laptop with those that were around, at least until the battery gave out.

Later in the afternoon I did get out of the house for a little bit. After midday I was hot and sweaty so I went and took a shower. In the meantime Nahum had Kevito round up the horses to give them a bath. After bathing them he saddled them up. We were finally gong to ride the horses!!!! I had been waiting on this since the first trip when I bought them. And today was going to be the day!

Once he had Morena saddled with the saddle I had bought for Nahum, he took here for a spin around the yard. Then I jumped on and took her for a spin myself followed by Douglas who did the same. While we were riding Morena, Kevito was saddling up Rosio, my horse. The second saddle they had bought was a traditional Spanish style versus the more English style saddle I had got for Nahum. They decided though that I should use Nahum's saddle because it would give me more control as it was contoured and had a definite place to fit your body. On the other hand the Spanish saddle is larger and much flatter, so you tend to move around more while riding in it.

After the saddle was moved from Morena over to Rosio Kevito and I rode down to the Pulperia (little convenient type stores people have in their houses where they sell soda and cigarettes and such). The store we went to was at the end of the driveway, or about a half mile down the mountain and across the river running through the driveway. It was yet another very hot day, so we did not want to run the horses and wear them out. Besides Rosio was experiencing what it was like to carry 210 pounds versus the 130 pounds she was used to with the small Honduras people.

After all the nick name they gave me there is "Horse Killer" from my first visit. I earned the name because I was riding one of the little horses most people had around these parts when it just laid down with me on him because I was too much for him to carry. That is when I decided we needed to find some bigger horses. One day on my first trip we were driving around the sugar cane pastures looking to get some discarded stalks for the cows to eat when I saw a ranch with some bigger horses running on it. We stopped by and met the guy who owned it named Roberto. He said he would be glad to sell us a couple of the horses for about $225 each. We picked out some two year olds, one brown and red one from the group. Since it was dusk at that point we came back the following day to claim the horses and pay Roberto. On that day we spent our time at his ranch watching him break the horses before we loaded them up and took them home.

Anyway, back to this trip, we rode down to the store and bought a couple of big bottles of Coke and made our way back to enjoy the refreshment with everyone back at the house. After dark we set up the living room as a dance floor once again and gave the new stereo a try. It was a big improvement with very good sound. So we proceeded to dance away the evening after dinner. This became a relatively regular way to end the night from this point on.

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