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Prepping for the Journey to Honduras

December 22, 2006

Today is the big day! Later tonight Nahum, Douglas and I leave for Honduras. But there are so many things to get done before we leave. The biggest bummer is that the truck is down after getting stuck in the big blizzard. Apparently, while I was in Oklahoma last week some lady hit my truck in the front driver's side wheel at 3:00 am in the morning. The first thing I had noticed was that the steering wheel was not straight. So she had most likely knocked out the alignment.

Little did I know the whole front end was messed up. While I was out and about in the blizzard I had the truck in 4WD and it was doing OK until I tried to go through the alley two blocks from home. I got stuck in the process because the 4WD was not working! The tires on the rear were not great as they are four years old so I did not have enough traction to get out. But I tried anyway and ended up throwing out the power steering in the process. In the end I had to abandon the truck and walk home, at least Casey was with me to trudge through the more than two feet of snow.

Anyway, my friend Brady came by yesterday to help me get it out of its stuck status. Luckily it was on 11th Avenue, a street not considered a main artery, so it was still there the next morning. Denver was towing all the abandoned vehicles to Invesco Field and other locations in order to clear the roadways. But we finally got it out after two hours of working with it and then I drove it on home.

So some things could not be finished before I left on the trip. Primarily, I cold not get the truck to the shop to get the emissions fixed so I could get it passed and get my new plates. Now, when I get back there is so much more to get fixed as it turns out. At least Denver Police left me a document on what had happened in the accident. I did get the request for the police report filled out and ready to mail so at least I can make the claim when I return home and divert some of the repair cost to the insurance company of the lady who hit me.

I also could not get Kurt's things to his dad, but that was more to do with all the snow than the truck being down. Everybody's truck was full of snow, so there was not enough room to load it up for transport. But other than these two things, I was able to get everything else done before leaving out.

Today I did all the laundry and got it folded and put away. I got the bills paid through the middle of January so I would not have to worry about that while away. I did have to take out a small equity loan from my line of credit on the condo to make ends meet. After all, I am not working now and no paychecks are coming in anymore. I also took out enough so that I would have some cash on my trip. I find it too hard to deal with going to a foreign country flat ass broke, so I had to be a little creative. But I still had to get to the bank to make the deposit as well as take the police report request to the Post Office to get stamps and put it in the mail.

So after getting everything packed and ready I called Nahum to have him run me by the bank on the way to the airport. We had to leave about four hours before the plane was scheduled to leave because of the people stranded at the airport due to the blizzard. About 5,000 people could not get out of Denver because the flights were full due to regular holiday traffic and they would have to wait for open seats. Many would not even get home until after Christmas. But that is how it works in the real world!

When we got to the airport I went to the Post Office in the terminal and bought some stamps for the letters and got them mailed. It was a crazy scene as so many people were lying about in cots provided by DIA. But because we were leaving on a red-eye, there were not too many people in the security line and we got through quick enough. All we had to do at that point was wait a few hours before taking off. In the meantime we had dinner as none of us had eaten anything that day as we were all too busy getting ready. But after dinner and a smoke (yes, Terminal A now has a smoking restaurant on the third floor) we headed to the gate and waited to board.

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